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Welcome to the Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. blog! Here we share tips on septic tanks, hydrovac services, and contaminated soil excavation. Read the following blog articles to learn more about each service and how to choose the best contractor for the job on your property. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule services, please call Artic Backhoe Services today.

The Benefits of Hydrovac Excavation

Hydrovac excavation is the perfect solution when you need to dig in an area but are worried about underground pipes and utility lines, and about disrupting the surrounding environment. Yukon hydrovac services from an excavating contractor such as. is a popular alternative to excavating methods of trenching and cutting. Read More.

How to Choose the Best Septic Tank for Your Whitehorse Property

Septic installation in Whitehorse, Yukon is not a one-size- or one-technique-fits-all sort of deal. Every property is unique in regards to its size, water use, soil consistency, groundwater table, and other factors which can influence the size and design of a septic tank. Read More.