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Update! Contaminated Sites in the Yukon are Mapped!

Contaminated soil due to petroleum hydrocarbons and pesticides can cause harmful consequences to human health. It’s important to remove contaminated soil as there are many health hazards such as kidney, liver, and nervous system complications due to exposure. Our environmental services team can clean up and remove contaminated soil caused by gasoline or diesel (or other hydrocarbons). Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd provides a wide range of environmental services including bio-remediation, demolition and oil tank removals in Whitehorse and Yukon. We have been serving our clients with professional excavation services since 1981.

Map of Contaminated Sites in the Yukon Available Online

The Government of Yukon maintains a database outlining contaminated sites in the Yukon area and has published a map for you to identify such areas easily. The information on contaminated sites is compiled by the Yukon government from different sources. The Map of Contaminated Sites in the Yukon has a record of 529 sites, of which 207 are contaminated. The status of 151 remaining sites is unknown (not enough information to conclude contamination), and 171 are remediated (measured contamination concentration is below standard, compared to previously recorded data). It should be noted that the information regarding individual property owners has been removed from the online map. Minister of Environment Pauline Frost stated “This online tool will help increase the health and safety of communities across Yukon, support remediation efforts and help prevent future instances of contamination through greater public awareness. It is an example of our commitment to openly sharing information that is important to Yukoners and making it as accessible as possible.”

To access the online map you have to agree to a disclaimer stating “The Government of Yukon does not warrant or represent in any way that the information is accurate, complete, or can be relied upon b anyone for any purpose; any such reliance is entirely without risk or liability to the Government of Yukon.”

What Can Be Done If Your Site Is Contaminated?

Environmental spills must be cleaned up immediately to minimize their potentially toxic, far-reaching effects. Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd provides resources and professional expertise to clean environmental spills to minimize their toxicity. We are equipped with hydrovac services that can excavate smaller quantities of wastewater and special excavators/trucks that remove gasoline, diesel or other hydrocarbon spills. Our certified treatment facility (CTF) can process hydrocarbon-contaminated soils and liquids and help re-establish your site to its former uncontaminated state.

If you are facing any emergency environmental spill cleanups, Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd provides cost-effective clean-up services to help lessen the impact on the environment.

Is There Any Decontamination Process That Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd Follows?

We use a procedure known as bio remediation that collects polluted water and soil. These collected samples are then treated with the help of microorganisms or disposed of in a waste facility. The organisms are provided with suitable conditions to survive and help decompose the polluted waste. With bio remediation, our experts safely handle toxic elements without negatively impacting the environment

How Can We Help?

We have the equipment, documentation, employees and knowledge to handle all environmental spill problems. We provide onsite support and required assistance to stop the spill, and to clean up the contaminated site. Arctic Backhoe
Services Ltd provides excavation, demolition, municipal services and oil tank removals for commercial and residential projects. Contact us today for reliable environmental services in Whitehorse, and throughout the Yukon.

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