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What Makes a Great Yukon Business? Waste Management!

Businesses generate different kinds of waste depending on the nature of the enterprise. Waste management is an important aspect to be considered to keep the environment clean in the Yukon. It involves the collection, transportation and disposal of solid, liquid or gaseous waste. Practising a waste-management process is crucial for environmental spill clean-up. 

The city council of Whitehorse made organic waste collection mandatory for businesses in March 2018 to make the environment clean. The goal of the city council is to divert 50 per cent of the solid waste that’s pushed to landfills.

Arctic Backhoe Services has been providing environmental services in Whitehorse and Yukon for over 30 years. We specialize in:

How Will the Change in Waste Management Benefit the City?

The new government regulations are expected to make the city’s solid waste management system environmentally and financially sustainable.

The organic collection program, also known as the green cart program, was initially meant for only residential properties. It was recently extended to all food-based businesses.

The city will be implementing the program in multiple phases. To begin with, the city’s outskirts and businesses along the Alaska Highway will be covered. The program is planned to be introduced in other parts of the city subsequently. If things go as per plan, apartment buildings and condo complexes will have service by 2020.

A Lot More Than Just Restaurants

The food-based business is a vast industry that includes restaurants and grocery stores, among other businesses, that generate food waste. The city council will be enforcing the law based on voluntary participation. If the loads are unacceptably contaminated, the approach will be to educate the defaulter.

What We Do

Arctic Backhoe Services works with various clients including developers, business owners and homeowners in both residential and commercial projects. We are proud to offer our environmental services to help businesses reduce their environmental footprint alongside government initiatives such as the waste management program. We undertake projects ranging from environmental spill clean-up to snow removal.

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