Demolition in Whitehorse, Yukon

There are many reasons for demolishing a building. Perhaps it’s damaged beyond the point of repair or contains hazardous materials that make it unlivable. Whether you need to completely demolish a building or just a specific part of it, Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. has all of the necessary permits to provide residential and commercial demolition in Whitehorse and elsewhere in the Yukon. There are many steps involved before demolition can be effectively carried out. Demolition requires careful, thoughtful planning by demolition experts.

With You throughout the Demolition

Arctic Backhoe Services is with you every step of the demolition process, from the initial surveying of the property to overseeing the removal of hazardous materials to the actual demolition and clean-up afterwards. You can count on us to thoroughly examine the floorplans and construction materials involved to ensure we carry out the demolition correctly and safely. We’re also sensitive to the respective neighbourhood in terms of noise, pollution, and the overall impact it will have upon local traffic. We’ll develop a sound plan so you know exactly what’s involved throughout the process and how long the project will take to complete.

Contact Us for Residential & Commercial Demolition in Whitehorse, Yukon

Need demolition done in the Yukon? Trust the work of the experienced team at Arctic Backhoe Services. No demo job is too big or too small for us to handle. We have the right equipment to ensure no demolition project is beyond our capabilities. Once completed, we'll bring in a truck to haul everything away. Contact us today to request an estimate on your next residential or commercial demolition project.