Oil Tank Removal in the Yukon

Do you have an oil tank buried on your residential or commercial property? Whether it’s already leaking or is still filled with oil and could potentially leak in the future, it can have a harmful effect on the environment. If you have one that’s past its service life or that’s no longer in use, ensure its safe removal from your property by trusting the experienced team at Arctic Backhoe Services Ltd. Specializing in oil tank removal in the Yukon, our company is capable of removing underground residential and commercial oil tanks ranging from 300 to 25,000 gallons. We can also backfill and clean up the site after the spill is removed.

Don’t Attempt to Remove Your Oil Tank Yourself

You should never attempt to remove an oil tank yourself. This could result in costlier damage to your property and/or the environment, not to mention you could be putting your personal safety and that of others in jeopardy. Our company follows all posted government and environmental regulations to ensure your oil tank removal is handled with the utmost care. Removing your unwanted oil tank not only gives you peace of mind, but it can also help you sell your home and get a better home insurance premium. Many insurance companies won’t offer you protection if you have an oil tank on your property.

Give Us a Call for Oil Tank Removal in the Yukon

Contact Arctic Backhoe Services for safe, effective oil tank removal in the Yukon. We have specialized equipment to pump out and dispose of the oil in your tank so the oil tank can be removed as stress-free as possible. Proudly serving you since 1981, you can also depend upon our company for environmental spill clean-ups and hydrovac excavation. Whether working in your backyard or a large commercial space, we’re dedicated to both your safety and that of the environment.